GS1 HK Data Pool


A Certified Product Information Synchronization Platform   

Interoperates with the GS1 Global Registry enabling exchange of synchronized, accurate and up-to-date product information between buyers and suppliers

Global Data Synchronization (GDS) is a process of exchanging of trade items data between CPG (Consumer Packaged Groups) manufacturers and retailers using Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) standards, which is a global, Internet-based initiative defined by the Global Commerce Initiative (GCI). It is a staged process to ensure the compatibility of data between trading partners. It provides a framework for companies to continuously harmonize data attribute values on systems used by various trading partners. As a result, data attributes and values will be the same in all corresponding systems.

This global effort can be achieved by standardizing the master data of item and party information stored by one trading party, and matching it against the corresponding data in the systems of another party. Companies can then establish and maintain consistent, accurate information throughout the communication process, adding value and improving operational efficiency for manufacturers, distributors and retailers along the supply chain.

In order to enable trading partners in different locations to exchange accurate, up-to-date master data in compliance with the GS1 standards, GS1 has launched the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), which comprises two key elements:

  • The GS1 Global Registry — a single electronic directory for registration of unique catalogue items and parties, where all master data is GDSN standard compliant. It allows companies to locate source (manufacturer) or recipient (retailer) data pools to conduct data standardization and synchronization on a real-time basis, thereby helping trading partners to manage information and improve collaboration.
  • The Certified Data Pools — interoperable repositories of data around the world within the GDSN where trading partners can obtain, maintain and exchange product data in the standardized format. Changes in product data can be flagged immediately and all trading partners involved will be notified.