GENUINE Product Authentication Solution
An End-to-end Brand Protection Solution powered by the EPCIS Network

Enabling supply chain e-pedigree visibility

The GENUINE Product Authentication Solution was evolved from a project funded by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) of the HKSAR Government under the 2007/08 Sector-specific Program for the Supply Chain Sector. 

GENUINE Product Authentication Solution is an end-to-end brand protection solution developed by GS1 Hong Kong.  The Solution is aimed at assisting brand owners, distributors / resellers and retailers to combat counterfeiting and diversion as well as enabling companies to increase brand integrity and bolster consumer confidence. In addition, the Solution provides companies an effective channel to capture useful customer data and launch customized loyalty programs, which ultimately will strengthen relationships with current customers and establish new relationships with new customers.
The end-to-end brand protection provided by GENUINE Product Authentication Solution include:
  • Protection: Product Protection, Product Identification, Product Tracing
  • Monitoring: Physical/Online Market Monitoring
  • Security Audit Process: Supplier Audit
  • Consumer Awareness: Loyalty Program

 Key Impact of Counterfeiting

  • Loss of a company's goodwill and/or brand prestige
  • Loss of product sales from original brand owners to counterfeit sellers
  • Extra costs to monitor counterfeiting in the market and institute legal proceedings
  • Destroying consumer confidence towards the brands and their quality

For more information, please contact:

Andrew Yu
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