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An Industry-wide B2B eCommerce Platform

Facilitating electronic transaction messaging via EDI and Web to support electronic ordering, invoicing and shipment notices

ezTRADE is a standard-based e-commerce platform that facilitates paperless trading and helps enterprises achieve greater efficiency under GS1 Keys.  Supporting the exchange of business message, ezTRADE enables efficient and accurate transmission of commercials documents to trading partners along the supply chain using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) messaging formats.

Since the launch of ezTRADE in 1995, an increasing number of companies have embraced EDI to streamline their operations and communicate with their trading partners.  In Southern China, a growing number of organizations include retailers, manufacturers, distributers, public institutions and governmental departments have adopted ezTRADE to enhance their operating efficiency. To date, more than 1,800 Retail CPG users representating over 70% of companies in the FMCG sector in Hong Kong and 1,000 users in South China adopted our ezTRADE service.  Over 150,000 monthly transactions are regularly processed via this community-based e-business platform for more efficient and accurate electronic procurement.