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An Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) standard-based Traceability Network

Enabling real-time visibility of goods and information flow from point of manufacturing to point of destination

In a rapidly changing global business landscape where time-to-market is becoming increasingly critical to survival, real-time information visibility across worldwide supply chains is now an essential ingredient to business success. However, key stakeholders along the supply chain often lack sufficient and accurate data to quickly respond to market needs and ensure customer satisfaction, below are some typical real life examples:

  1. BRAND OWNER intending to ensure product quality and safety but incapable to obtain end-to-end information along the supply-chain that would affect the quality of the products.
  2. MANUFACTURER seeking better product planning and quality management but unable to monitor progress and status in its own production plants.
  3. LOGISTICS PROVIDER aiming to provide faster customer response but lacking accurate information and real-time visibility of goods in transit globally.
  4. RETAILER striving to enhance customer satisfaction but are faced with recurring out-of-stock situations on the shelf.

That's where we come in. A standard-based, globalized track and trace platform that enables real-time visibility of goods and information from the production floor and warehouse through to logistics down to the retail shops.

GS1 Hong Kong, building on the success of the HKSAR government funded-EPCnetwork Project, has developed ezTRACK™ - a community service that addresses today's companies’ critical need for a highly reliable and robust solution that can effectively track and trace the flow of goods and product information from point of manufacture to point of sale through a robust (Electronic Product Code™) EPC standard-based platform.

As a web-based application compatible with various technologies including Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), bar code, Global Positioning System (GPS), sensors, ezTRACK™ runs various solutions that allow enterprises to instantly access business-critical product information related to work-in-progress status, product inventory data, delivery schedules, etc.

How does ezTRACK™ work?

How ezTRACK™ works