Cold Chain Management Solution
A Cost-efficient Traceability Solution powered by EPCIS Network

Capturing real-time data including temperature, humidity, time, location of products in transit such as food and pharmaceuticals

Powered by EPC/RFID-based global traceability platform known as ezTRACK™, GS1 Hong Kong’s Cold Chain Management Solution offers exceptional supply chain visibility with a simplified, precise and cost-effective temperature monitoring of any goods in real time.

For temperature sensitive products like perishable goods and foodstuffs, the control and monitoring of the cold chain is critical to ensure product quality and safety throughout the supply chain operation.  Any incidents or improper temperature records along the cold chain will not only ruin the quality of the products but also pose harm to consumers' health as well as businesses' brand integrity.  

With consumers' growing concern over product traceability, quality and safety, an effective management of your cold chain is increasingly vital to your operational efficiency, brand integrity and thus business performance no matter you are a supplier, manufacturer or logistics service provider.

GS1 Hong Kong’s RFID-based Cold Chain Management Solution
RFID temperature sensor tag fits for your carrier

To monitor temperature changes and generate business critical alerts along the supply chain in a cost effective way with a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) temperature sensor tag embedded in the logistics units.

One-stop hassle free cold chain information portal

To track and trace shipment events along the supply chain with the associated temperature data, time and location information, allowing you to obtain end-to-end supply chain visibility and to manage your cold chain management at your fingertips all at one portal.

Powered by ezTRACK™, a real time EPC standard based traceability platform

To share real time comprehensive cold chain visibility information globally with your supply chain partners and customers using a standard based communication and traceability platform, ezTRACK™.

Suitable for all industries which require temperature monitoring

This solution is tailored for temperature sensitive industries like pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and logistics.