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A barcode (technically called GTIN or Global Trade Item Number) is a number represented in vertical lines of varying widths printed on labels to uniquely identify items.  A barcode enables the rapid and un-ambiguous identification of products, assets, documents and people using a scanner.

Barcodes were first used by supermarkets to automate the checkout process.  Due to the ease and speed the barcode provided retailers and customers, the barcode is now used by retailers over 150 countries around the world.

The GS1 System offers benefits to all parties (trading partners, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers) in the trading cycle by reducing costs, saving time, and increasing accuracy and efficiency through management of the entire supply chain.

For Trading partners For Manufacturers For Wholesalers For Retailers
The ability to identify goods and shipments quickly and accurately Automated counting and sorting on the production line The ability to order, receive, pick and despatch goods faster, with greater accuracy An accurate, efficient source of sales data
Faster delivery of goods Ability to track products through manufacturing and delivery Improved inventory and stocktaking Reduced administration costs
Fewer handling and shipping errors Ability to obtain real sales data from a retailer and use it to plan production schedules which reflect actual consumer demand Support for applications such as cross-docking Fewer products out of stock
Better inventory Ability to include attribute information such as batch numbers, use-by dates and serial numbers in one barcode which can be read by all trading partners Faster, more efficient service at POS  

GS1 Hong Kong offers four membership categories to address the diverse needs of enterprises as well as facilitate the advancement of supply chain management.

Membership Types

 You will be allocated the international GS1 identification numbers with prefix 489 for products   (GTIN), location (GLN) and shipment (SSCC) by joining as our Full Member. The Full Membership  offers the broadest range of entitlements across all membership types.

The Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) is a unique, non-significant, fixed length, 18-digital   number which is coded with a GS1-128 symbology. It can be used by all parties involved in the supply chain as a reference number to the relevant information held in computer files.

Companies that are interested to leverage the EPCglobal Network are welcome to subscribe. This group of members includes manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, logistics service providers, public organization and government bureau.

In order to bring together the world's top supply chain management providers, all with solid reputations for the quality of their services and products, GS1 Hong Kong is delighted to offer the Vendor Alliance Program.  Through this partner membership program, we work with supply chain management and technology service providers which share our vision of delivering genuine supply chain benefits to Hong Kong businesses, to provide a diverse range of supply chain enabling services and professional advice.

BarCode Symbol Verification Service

A barcode's primary function is to carry the product data from point-of-origin to point-of-data capture. So, bar code is considered a vital link to data communication throughout the entire value chains. If the link fails, the chain will break. Verification of bar codes is therefore an essential quality control process to ensure the bar codes can be scanned at any point of data capture along the supply chains.

GS1 Hong Kong offers symbol verification service with barcode testing service reports on the likely scanning performance of barcodes and how closely they conform to specifications. A GS1 Hong Kong Barcode Verification Report is issued as the completion of testing. This indicates the compliance of your barcode and, if necessary, suggests where you may need to make changes to meet GS1 and industry specifications.

For further information on GS1 Hong Kong BarCode Symbol Verification Service, please click here.