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Full Membership
What is Full Membership?

GS1 Hong Kong is the only organization authorized to issue GS1 identification numbers for products, locations, and shipping containers in Hong Kong. As a Full Member of GS1 Hong Kong, a range of unique and standardized GS1 identification numbers with Hong Kong Prefix “489” will be allocated to identify physical things like trade items (products & services), assets, logistic units, shipments and physical locations.

Today, the GS1 Numbering System is the most commonly recognized product identification and barcoding system used in global business. Open and accepted worldwide, these standards have been widely adopted by manufactures, distributors, retailers and carriers across 20 industries and are being presently used by more than one million companies around the world.

Every swipe and beep of the Barcode is supported by a barcode scanning system which provides an accurate and efficient means of automatic data capture that allows you to collect, process, transmit and track details of products along the supply chain. By using the barcode system, you can track inventory, monitor sales, speed up ordering process, and stay abreast of consumer buying patterns.

Standardized GS1 identification number provides enormous benefits for just about any business.

Manufacturers & Brand Owners

  • Offers unique product identification
  • Eliminates the need for product labeling at any point in the supply chain
  • Allows products to be tracked and traced from point of manufacturing to sale
  • Ensures integration with standardized EDI systems

Importers & Exporters

  • Meets essential vendor compliance requirements set by most of multinational retailers and buyers
  • Facilitates inventory management and product tracking
  • Eliminates repetitive and error-prone data entry
  • Improves efficiency with the use of scanning technologies

Logistics Service Providers

  • Speeds up goods flow
  • Enables tracking and tracing of shipment details
  • Supports smoother warehouse automation
  • Offers real-time update on shipping status
  • Improves control and monitoring

Wholesalers & Retailers

  • Reduces administrative costs by improving inventory control
  • Enables implementation of electronic point of sale
  • Provides accurate sales data based on product consumption
  • Facilitates efficient procurement and replenishment


How do I apply for Full Membership?

GS1 Hong Kong Full Membership is divided into 3 categories:

Membership Category Number of  Employees Membership Fee (HK$)
Entrance Fee Annual Fee Total
A 1-9 3,600 3,600 7,200
B 10-99 8,400 8,400 16,800
C 100 or above 8,400 13,200 21,600


To apply a Company Prefix (489), you need to submit:
  1. A completed GS1 Hong Kong Full Membership application form.
  2. A copy of your company's Business Registration Certificate.
  3. Proof of employee headcount such as an employee insurance documentation or MPF certificate.
  4. A crossed-cheque made payable to the "GS1 Hong Kong Limited" for membership entrance and annual fee.

Applications normally take three working days to process upon receipt of the completed application form, relevant documents and payment. A GS1 Hong Kong staff member will contact you directly to confirm the receipt of your application.


Full Membership Entitlements

  • Allocation of a unique GS1 Company Prefix to generate Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) and Global Location Number (GLN)
  • Product registration on BarcodePlus, a web-based database that facilitates international standard based data exchange with trading partners
  • Complimentary listing on the GS1 Global Membership Directory widely used by the buying community
  • Enjoy GS1 Hong Kong's Barcode Symbol Testing Service for scan quality assurance
  • Enjoy GS1 Hong Kong Business Advisory Services offering standards and technologies support
  • Discounts on GS1 Hong Kong training courses and workshops
  • Discounts on all GS1 Hong Kong publications and studies
  • Opportunity to participate in workshops