EPCglobal User Membership
What is EPCglobal User Membership?

This group of members includes organizations that have objects in motion in the supply chain. Members include manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, logistics service providers, public organizations and government agencies.

How to apply for EPCglobal User Membership?

  1. Submit a completed GS1 Hong Kong EPCglobal User Membership application form.
  2. Provide a copy of your company's Business Registration Certificate.
  3. Issue a crossed-cheque made payable to the "GS1 Hong Kong Limited" for membership entrance and annual fee.

EPCglobal User Membership Entitlements

  • Assignment and maintenance of EPC Manager Numbers in the Discovery Service.
  • Training and education on implementing and using the EPC and the EPCglobal Network
  • Access to EPCglobal Network components, software specifications, and the published reference implementations of Savant and Physical Markup Language (PML)
  • Access to best practices regarding consumer privacy and public policy
  • Access to certification and compliance testing


To apply for EPCglobal User Membership, please contact:

Sabina Wong
Tel: (852) 2863-9724
Email: sabinawong@gs1hk.org