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Industry Engagement - Overview

As an industry-led organization, GS1 Hong Kong is dedicated to enabling the sustainable success of enterprises across industries through the provision of supply chain management tools, expertise and practices.  To this end, we have spared no efforts in fostering the innovative use of GS1 System of Standards in various industry sectors through various engagement programs.

Industry Engagement is where GS1 Hong Kong engages with industry to define its needs for standards, solutions and services; and collaborate with other inter-governmental organizations, trade associations, academia and key stakeholders.  These activities are organized both by sector and where appropriate, on a cross sector basis.

Building on two decades' achievements in the retail industry, we have expanded our scope beyond retail and are now serving more than 20 major industry sectors including retail consumer goods, food, healthcare, logistics, apparel, consumer electronic, information technology, etc.


Facilitating Retail Automation and Supply Chain Efficiency


Ensuring Food Quality and Safety for Customer Safety


Enabling Visibility and Traceability of Goods Flow


Raising the Bar to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency for Patient Safety


GS1 Hong Kong offers a wide range of products and services to support the industries in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta region to improve their supply chain efficiency, through visibility and traceability of product and information flow, based on the GS1 Standards.



Supporting visibility, quality and safety in the supply chain

Food safety, product tracing and recalls are currently at the forefront of both government regulations and industry concerns around the world. Companies are facing numerous track and trace requirements, not always easily concealable. Moreover, technology offers various ways of achieving traceability and many solutions exist for national, regional and global supply chain participants. As a result, to facilitate trade today, it is necessary to implement international standards and ensure interoperability of traceability systems.



Saving the world with social responsibility

Many companies have already picked the low-hanging fruit of sustainability tactics, such as installing new lighting and increasing their recycling programs. GS1 Hong Kong is helping businesses and industries reach higher. GS1 Hong Kong continues to help businesses move their processes to the paperless ecommerce environment through ezTRADE. We're working with the industries, businesses, governmental and non-governmental organizations, to explore ways that GS1 Standards can be used to identify, capture, share and monitor sustainability metrics globally across the value chain, both upstream and downstream.


Internet of Things (IoT)

Connecting objects throughout the world

Imagine a world where everything can be both analogue and digitally approached - reformulates our relationship with objects – things- as well as the objects themselves. Any object that carries an EPC/RFID tag based on GS1 global standards, relates not only to you, but also through being read by a RFID reader nearby, to other objects, relations or values in a database. In this world, you are no longer alone, anywhere.