Transport and Logistics
Optimizing business, enhancing efficiency, security, connectivity

GS1 has been dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards for use in the supply chain. GS1 standards provide a framework that allows products, services, and information about them to move efficiently and securely for the benefit of businesses and the improvement of people’s lives, everyday, everywhere. Logistics companies gain competitive advantage by applying GS1 standards across their supply chain operations.  GS1 Hong Kong is committed to fostering a global supply chain visibility by connecting ezTRACK™ with other Electronic Product Code Information Systems (EPCIS) worldwide since 2009.  The industry solutions, built on ezTRACK™ include:

  1. Cold Chain Management for capturing real-time data, including temperature, humidity, time and location of products in transit
  2. e-Seal Management
  3. Asset Management
  4. Channel Management
  5. EPC/RFID-based traceability for warehouse management

With the industry solutions, the logistics industry can be benefited in the following ways:

  1. Improved efficiency of the flow of shipments
  2. Increased visibility of the flow of shipments
  3. More efficient handling and inventory management
  4. Increased security of distribution and speed of operations