Industry Projects
Improving apparel manufacturers' inbound and outbound operations at all echelons

Item-level tagging (ILT) in apparel industry is being driven actively by major retailers in the US and is now the trend that every apparel manufacturer cannot afford to ignore.  It offers apparel manufacturers the opportunities to improve inbound and outbound operations at all echelons as well as a more efficient on-shelf-availability of product to retailers.  GS1 Hong Kong has partnered with five major item-level RFID tagging solution vendors and is offering a total solution to apparel manufacturers in this new industry initiative - Item-level Tagging Program in 2011. 

ILT Program's Solution Vendors
   Avery Dennison  LEO-THLink  R-Pac  
ADT Hong Kong Limited Avery Dennison Hong Kong B.V. Leo-TH Link Ltd r-pac International Group SML Group Ltd


ILT-related Journals, Presentation Slides and Research Papers

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5. How RFID Improves Retail Fashion