Optimizing business, driving efficiency and patient safety

Adopting and implementing GS1 standards enable the effective and efficient roll-out of Automatic Identification and Traceability Systems throughout the Healthcare sector. Security, traceability and efficiency in healthcare are currently at the forefront of government regulations and industry concerns around the world.

GS1 Healthcare is a voluntary, global Healthcare user group bringing together all related Healthcare stakeholders: pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, group purchasing organizations, hospitals, pharmacies, logistics providers, governmental and regulatory bodies, and associations. GS1 Healthcare aims for the industry-wide and worldwide implementation of global supply chain standards in healthcare as key enabler for patient safety and efficiency improvements.

GS1 Hong Kong is aimed at enabling the local healthcare industry to implement global standards and creating a more efficient and cohesive supply chain in order to improve patient safety as an ultimate goal.  GS1 Hong Kong continues to engage with healthcare industry stakeholders to drive the adoption of global standards for healthcare supply chain modernization.  Our healthcare industry solutions include:

  1. GS1 Keys (GTIN, GLN and SSCC) for product (e.g. pharmaceutical and medical device), location and shipment unit's identification
  2. DataMatrix for medical device's identification
  3. ezTRADE for electronic ordering, invoicing and shipment notices between group purchasing organization (e.g. hospital) and suppliers (e.g. pharmaceutical and/or medical device manufacturers)
  4. Hong Kong DataPool for product data information synchronization between buyers and suppliers
  5. GENUINE Product Authentication for combating counterfeit (e.g. drugs)
  6. Cold Chain Management for capturing real-time data including temperature, humidity, time, locations of pharmaceuticals in transit
  7. EPC/RFID-based identification and traceability for patient control and management, medical equipment track-and-trace and pharmaceutical inventory management

With the industry solutions, the healthcare industry can be benefited in the following ways:

  1. Improve patient safety
  2. Reduce and eliminate medical errors
  3. Track and trace effectively
  4. Prevent counterfeiting and decrease supply chain overhead cost
  5. Save money and improve efficiencies

To learn more of GS1 Standards in Healthcare, please click here to visit GS1 Global Website for details.