Food and Beverages

Optimizing business, enhancing quality and safety

A responsive and transparent supply chain - with the capability to quickly respond to rising customer expectations - is vital to the success of the food sector.  GS1 Hong Kong has been working closely with industry stakeholders to ensure food quality and safety for consumer safety, based on our industry solutions, including:

  1. BarcodePlus - A product and location information portal allowing users to access and share quality data using GS1 Keys like GTIN and GLN via the internet, mobile and smark kiosk.
  2. ezTRADE - An industry-wide B2B platform facilitating electronic transaction messaging via EDI and Web to support electronic ordering, invoicing and shipment notices.
  3. ezTRACK™ - Cloud-based EPCIS-standard traceability network enabling real-time visibility of goods and information flow from point of manufacturing to point of destination.
  4. Value + - An innovative consumer loyalty solution aimed at enabling companies to engage customers and build brand awareness through marketing promotion, offering value-added services, potential parallel imports issues.
  5. Cold Chain Management Solution – Traceability network enabling visibility of goods, information flow, and thermo-humidity status from point of source to point of destination.
  6. Global Traceability Standards – A business process standard that enhances the ability to track forward the movement of products along stages(s) of the supply chain to trace backward the history, application or location of products in compliance with the appropriate GS1 identifiers.
  7. Consumer Connect – A direct mobile communications platform for brand owners to provide trusted product information and interact with consumers anytime, anywhere.

With these solutions, the food industry can benefit from the following:

  1. Build brand awareness by providing consumers additional product information directly
  2. Enhance brand integrity and increase customer confidence
  3. Improve product's track-and-trace capability to ensure product quality and safety
  4. Facilitate faster consumer response



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