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Get Ready for the Future of Apparel Industry - The Omni-channel Era

Customers are much more demanding and they expect the same experience no matter they are shopping in physical stores, via laptops, smart phones, etc. It’s more important than ever to have the right product on the right shelf, at the right time – and to implement new technology in the right way. For this reason, more and more companies in apparel industry have turned to RFID item-level tagging based on Electronic Product Code standards. The benefits include more accurate forecasts of inventory trends, efficient collaboration with global trading partners and improvements to inventory management and accuracy. As a whole, the initiative can help enhance customer experience.

 According to studies conducted by the University of Arkansas RFID Research Center in the United States, the adoption of EPC-enabled RFID technology for item-level tagging offers cost and time savings, combined with enhanced supply-chain efficiencies, in quantifiable terms:

  • Increase in inventory accuracy from 63% to 95%
  • Reduction of inventory cycle counting time by 96%
  • Increase in inventory count rate from 2,00 to 12,000+ Items per hour
  • Reduction in the time used for product location by 18%
  • Reduction in out-of-stock (OOS) rate at retail up to 50%
  • Increase in item availability at retail from 2% to 20% to boost sales