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U-21 RFID Awards
The U-21 RFID Awards were established to:
  • Foster collaboration between industry and academia to develop new EPC/RFID applications and technological products with market potential
  • Promote wider adoption of EPC/RFID technology in business and daily lives
  • Encourage further original EPC/RFID application and technology development in the local academic institutions with creativity and enhanced designs
  • Nurture a new generation of technical professionals with creativity and business acumen
  • Bring recognition to creative Hong Kong young talents, who are committed to innovating and developing new EPC/RFID applications or technological products to realize the many benefits of EPC/RFID technology promises for enterprises and our daily lives
  • Stimulate market demand for innovative EPC/RFID applications and products
  • Inspire new insights in the industry with the innovativeness and enthusiasm of tertiary students