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GS1 Hong Kong has a remarkable heritage of success and innovation


With a global network and local focus, GS1 Hong Kong is in a unique position to help companies transform challenges into opportunities. Through the decades, GS1 Hong Kong has demonstrated a strong commitment to assisting Hong Kong enterprises become globally competitive by adopting supply chain standards.


Below are some of our key highlights since its inception.



Launched the first consumer smartphone app 'Consumer Connect'


Awarded the "Caring Organisation 2010/11" logo by the Hong Kong Council of Social Services

Named as one of the "Hong Kong Most Valuable Companies 2011" by Mediazone

Organized the inaugural Consumer Caring Scheme


Introduced the new Cold Chain Management Solution backed by ezTRACK™ to the business community

Co-organized the “Hong Kong Smart City+ Forum” with PKI Forum at Shanghai World Expo 2010


In collaboration with the GS1 EPCglobal Transportation & Logistics Services Industry Action Group, GS1 Hong Kong joined with the Innovation and Technology Commission of the HKSAR Government, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation to organize Asia’s first RFID/EPC Technology Live Test in Global Logistics, with support from Hong Kong Logistics Development Council and Monohakobi Technology Institute

Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with four major testing and certification bodies in Hong Kong to develop BarcodePlus, a product information portal to enable businesses and consumers to access and share product quality-related information via different channels including the Internet, mobile phone and RFID smart kiosks for enhanced product quality and consumer safety

Launched a Product Authentication solution operating on BarcodePlus funded by Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, with an aim of increasing brand integrity for Hong Kong businesses and bolstering consumer confidence

Celebrated the 20th anniversary of GS1 Hong Kong with a series of 20th Anniversary Celebration Program including GS1 Hong Kong Supply Chain Excellence Summit, 20th anniversary Gala Dinner and GS1 Asia Pacific Regional Forum 2009


Launched ezTRACK™, a globalized track-and-trace platform based on EPC/RFID standards, to enable enterprises to gain real-time visibility of goods and product information anywhere, anytime

Set up the Hong Kong RFID Centre (SCIC) at the Hong Kong Science Park with the Innovation and Technology Commission of the HKSAR Government, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation. The Centre’s displays and demonstrations showcasing the application of RFID technology have contributed to improving modern lifestyles, enhancing the business environment and uplifting the quality of people's lives

Organized the first Hong Kong RFID Awards to recognize excellence and innovation of the use of RFID technology


Established the Supply Chain Innovation Centre (SCIC), a comprehensive supply chain enabling platform, located at the Hong Kong Science Park, in collaboration with Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

Signed the Guangdong-Hong Kong RFID Industry Cooperation Memorandum with the Foshan Chancheng Investment Service and Promotion Center under the Chancheng People's Government of Foshan City, Guangdong

Organized the ECR Hong Kong Awards 2007, the first ECR Awards in Hong Kong, with ECR Hong Kong to recognize local companies’ outstanding performance who have successfully implemented SCM/ECR principles and strategies


Partnered with Intel to launch the PRD Alive! Program to help SMEs based in the Pan-Pearl River Delta region realize greater value from supply chain technology investments through the adoption of EPC/RFID technology


HKANA was officially renamed GS1 Hong Kong. The name change introduced a fully integrated global system of open, multi-industry standards jointly developed by 101 member organizations worldwide

Developed the EPCnetwork based on the EPCglobal standards of RFID, and initiated a 2-year, multi-pilot research project that tested the use of the EPC and RFID infrastructures among manufacturers, logistics providers and retailers in Hong Kong, China and the United States, sponsored by the Innovation and Technology Commission of the HKSAR Government


Initiated the formation of the Supply-Chain Council-Greater China Chapter (SCC-GCC) to promote the Supply Chain Operations Reference-model (SCOR) in Greater China. The Association became the secretariat office of the SCC-GCC


Launched the Vendor Alliance Program which serves as a platform bringing user and vendor communicates together for easy access to the latest SCM know-how and solutions


Established the SME Ambassador Program aimed at improving SME retailers and wholesalers’ modern supply chain capabilities

Launched the AppTeXpress project to reinforce Hong Kong’s position as a global sourcing centre for the apparel and textiles industries


Supported by the Innovation and Technology Commission of the HKSAR Government and over twenty trade bodies, the Global e-ID Campaign was launched to promote the benefits of Global e-ID and its applications in the modern supply chain management for local SMEs

Organized the first annual Supply Chain Management CEO Summit in Hong Kong. Since then, the Summit has grown from strength to strength and become a platform for industry leaders to share the latest insights into modern supply chain management


Organized the first Annual Member Forum providing members with a platform to network and exchange information about e-commerce technologies


HKANA celebrated its 10th anniversary


Launched the web-based version ezTRADE, allowing businesses to exchange trade documents with partners over the Internet


HKANA’s Export Supply Chain Management Initiative concluded that Hong Kong’s export industry could save significant costs and win market-entry by implementing supply chain management


Launched a Domestic Supply Chain Management Study supported by the Industry Department of the HKSAR Government to assess the applicability and potential benefits of supply chain management implementation in Hong Kong


Developed an EDI trading software application known as ezTRADE targeting SMEs and launched training programs sponsored by the HKSAR Government to enhance competitiveness through electronic trading


Launched a reference library providing members with access to a comprehensive range of publications about article numbering, barcoding and EDI


Established the General Merchandising Barcoding Committee to promote the use of source marking


The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Steering Committee initiated a retail industry pilot study to conduct live tests on the exchange of electronic purchase orders and invoices through EDI


Introduced the Code of Practice for Scanning in retail stores to provide protection for consumers against pricing ambiguity


Successfully introduced the concept barcode scanning to the retail industry and the general public through an aggressive promotional campaign. Within a year, the use of barcodes had successfully penetrated the retail, distribution and manufacturing industries in Hong Kong


The Hong Kong Article Numbering Association (HKANA) with Mr. George Elledge as Chairman, was established by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC)