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Message from CE
Welcome to our website!

As the local chapter of a not-for-profit, industry-led global supply chain standards organization, GS1 Hong Kong is dedicated to helping our business community thrive and compete effectively in the global marketplace.  We do this by fostering the adoption of the international supply chain standards, technologies and practices that form the backbone of supply chain efficiency, visibility and collaboration.

Since our inception in 1989 as the only organization assigning and administering GS1 BarCode in Hong Kong, we have further extended our role to champion next generation supply chain technologies and related services  such as ezTRADE for cost-efficient eCommerce, ezTRACK™ for EPC/ RFID-based track-and-trace of goods and information flow, GS1 HK Datapool for synchronization of accurate data, etc.  All these services have made us essential and trusted partner for businesses in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta Region to gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace with optimized operational efficiency, assured product quality and enhanced brand integrity.


In the years to come, we will remain focused on expanding and strengthening our range of capabilities, services and solutions working closely with the GS1 global community, the HKSAR Government and the local industries with an ultimate goal to help our members unearth new business value and operate more efficiently for a sustainable edge in the global marketplace.


Ms. Anna Lin, JP
Chief Executive
GS1 Hong Kong