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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

The Local Chapter of GS1

With 111 member organizations around the world, GS1 is a not-for-profit, industry-led global organization dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards and solutions to improve the efficiency and visibility of supply and demand chains.  Two million companies across 20 industries in over 150 countries are using the GS1 System of standards.

GS1 Hong Kong was founded in 1989 as the Hong Kong Article Numbering Association (HKANA) by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and was renamed GS1 Hong Kong in 2005 under the GS1 Global Charter.   As the local chapter of GS1, GS1 Hong Kong is dedicated to helping companies in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta region continuously improve their supply chain efficiency and visibility through the innovative use of GS1 System of Standards including BarCode, B2B e-Commerce, Global Data Synchronization and Electronic Product Code/Radio Frequency Identification (EPC/RFID).  

In recent years, we have also dedicated significant efforts in the development of innovative business solutions such as product quality information portal, product authentication tool, cold chain management, etc.  With our enhanced services portfolio, our membership size is increased up to 6,500+ companies across 15 industries in Hong Kong.

GS1 Worldwide Offices

GS1 Worldwide Offices



A world where things and related information move efficiently and securely for the benefit of businesses and improvement of people's lives, everyday, everywhere.



To be the trusted partner of companies in Hong Kong and the PRD Region in the implementation of global supply chain standards, technologies and practices for optimized operational efficiency, supply chain visibility and product quality.


Brand Statement

Collaborating with supply chain stakeholders from raw materials suppliers to end users to create more efficient, safer and sustainable supply chains with global standards.