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Hong Kong Internet of Things Centre of Excellence (hereafter " The IoT Centre ") was set up by GS1 Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Science Park in 2013 and is supported by the Innovation and Technology Commission of the HKSAR Government as well as the industries, technology partners and organizations which championed IoT. The IoT Centre has been well renowned as the ONLY showroom in Hong Kong to provide live demo of IoT technologies.

Serving as an Industry Support Platform that enables the development of IoT businesses and the delivery of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)/ IoT-related services for continuous development and competitiveness surge in different industries, this Hong Kong’s Iconic RFID / IoT Showroom with Live Demo accelerates knowledge exchange, industry adoption and innovative creation. This RFID/IoT Technologies Hub allows visitors “Touch & Feel” and “See & Believe” the power of IoT and forges the technological collaboration and standardization between Hong Kong and other countries.

The IoT Centre is divided into FIVE thematic zones – Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, Healthcare and Smart City. Numerous industry specific supply chains are live showcased from the point of manufacturing, logistics to warehousing, distribution, and the point of sales at these zones. The live demo shares best practices of applying Internet of Things enabling technologies spanning from sensors, M2M, cloud computing, big data, data analytics, to storage, security, mobility, business intelligence, etc with the ultimate goals to uplift business performance and customer satisfaction.


The 5 Thematic Zones 

Manufacturing Zone:

Illustrates how IoT technologies help streamline production processes, increase productivity and assure product quality.

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Manufacturing Zone

Logistics Zone:

Demonstrates how RFID and IoT technologies can be beneficial to all supply chain stakeholders in logistics and warehouse management.

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Logistics Zone

Retail Zone:

Reveals the values and benefits of IoT technologies to the entire value chain, from suppliers to retailers, and eventually end consumers.

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Retail Zone

Healthcare Zone:

Exhibits the power of IoT technologies in ensuring patient safety and quality service, safeguard the health of general public.

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Healthcare Zone

Smart City Zone:

Allows visitors to “touch and feel” the power of IoT technologies.

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Smart Zone


 Opening Hours (By Reservation)

 Tuesday - Friday

 9:30am - 5:30pm

 (Lunch Hour 1:30pm - 2:30pm)

 Saturday & Sunday

 11:00am - 4:00pm

 (Lunch Hour 1:00pm - 2:00pm)

 Monday and Public Holidays



 Hong Kong Internet of Things Centre of Excellence

 Unit S043, G/F, 10W, Lakeside 2, Hong Kong Science Park, Phase 2, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong



Want to feel the power of the IoT-related technologies in your daily life? Visit our website and make an online reservation now at www.iothk.org or via phone number (852) 2863 9709.





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